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LightBee is a young company with a solid background team in Visible Light Communications Technology (VLC). Nowadays, there is a growing number of scenarios -in- house domestic applications, traffic lights, hospitals, hotels, etc.- where illumination devices based on visible LED lamps are used. This interest is not only motivated by economic reasons (as the price of individual lamps is still higher than that of traditional ones, although it is rapidly becoming cheaper and cheaper) but by energetic or environmental considerations. These lamps combine very low power consumption with an extremely long operational life, maintaining during all their operation the same chromaticity without significant changes. LED lamps can be also used as communications emitters without losing their main functionality as illumination sources. This technique (known as Visible Light Communications or VLC) does not only maintain the usual capabilities of wireless optical transceivers (robustness against EM interference, absence of EM compatibility constraints and secure transmissions as radiation is confined by walls) but is also eye-safe (as it uses visible wavelengths). Additionally, as they are used as lamps, the amount of optical emitted power is enough to provide full transmission coverage over a regular size room. So we have a huge amount of low cost COTS (commercial off-the-shelf) optical emitters available that can be used wherever we need to provide illumination and to broadcast data jointly.


Gloria Eisman


Electronic Engineer M.S. in 2012 at the University of León (Spain). Developer of PLC and Control Supervision applications, sensors designing and implementation, and owner during the last ten years of Genesis Engineer, responsible of marketing management.

Dr.Julio F. Rufo

Doctor Engineer

M.S. in 2008 at the Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Canary Islands, Spain). He is now a researcher in the IDeTIC (Institute for Technologic Development and Innovation in Communications), working on architecture, protocols and applications for sensor networks and IoT technologies. Indeed this is the aim of his PhD works.

Pedro González


M.S. in 2001 at the Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Canary Islands, Spain). Owner and Project Manager of Genesis Engineer, Advanced Partner of KNX protocol for home and building control applications and fiber optic infrastructures and fiber to home solutions, innovation manager and expert in network infrastructure solutions. Chief Finantial Operator for LightBee

Tony Jimenez

VP Marketing and Product Development

Equipped with over 15 years of experience as Vice President Marketing / Director Marketing including: Marketing Communications, Inbound Marketing Branding, Business Strategy, Product Launches, and Strategic Initiatives. Strongest attributes are connecting and forming lasting business relationships. Insightful to customer needs & objectives.

Víctor Guerra Yánez

Víctor Guerra Yánez

Investigador Doctor

Actualmente soy Investigador Doctor en la ULPGC. Aposté por la investigación porque es mi pasión, mi vocación y para lo que estoy hecho. Tengo facilidad para resolver problemas y me motivan las tareas que supongan un reto.

Javier Garabal

Senior advisor and entrepreneur

18 years of experience in strategy and management consulting, ex-McKinsey partner. 20+ years of experience in technology and telecoms.

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