CeBIT Code_n

Another Spanish finalists next week reaches CODE_n13 is LightBee. This canary company just opened new offices in the U.S. travel to CeBIT eager to showcase their technology based on VLC (Visual Light Communication), a communication system using visible light that allows you to use LED lights for innovative solutions applications.

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Light Key

LightBee has development an efficient data transmission technology through LED light as  an example mobile flash one.

Do you think the camera flash on your smartphone is only for taking pictures at night? Apparently not.

Imagine being able to open the garage door with the light of your car, or have Internet thanks to the lamplight? All this and much more is possible

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LightBee, the power of the light

LightBee is a company that comes from the synergy between Genesis and Idetic Engineering in Science and Technology Park of ULPGC. Pedro David Gonzalez is a founding partner and CFO of the company, created  in August 2012. In this few months They have achived an award…

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The headlights of the car can open the garage door

Lightbee wants to reinvent what to do with light. They have developed a technology that gives new utilities to any device that uses LED bulbs.

Open the garage door with the headlights of the car, or a hotel room through the ‘smartphone’. Even offer internet under the streetlights, or a secure payment method easy to implement in almost any mobile phone, even old.

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