Our Solutions

LED Technology has strongly irrupted in Lighting and Signage Market, offering substantial energy savings and new solutions for sustainable urban environments, but this integration has not been entirely successful yet, with problems related to overheating in LED bulbs, cost, durability and luminous flux regulation.

LightBee integrates VLC in three main areas:

  • Improving a more sustainable and efficiency use of LED Technology: Lighting and Signage Applications, smart cities, machine to machine communications (M2M).
  • VLC apps for mobile devices as control access , validation, master keys or secure payment solutions
  • Optical wireless interfaces (Automotive, Healthcare or Avionics communications)

LightKey Smart Lock

What would happen if the LED light could be used as an interface for data transmission? It's exactly what VLC technology allows: wireless optical interfaces. LightKey is responsible for transmitting wireless optical codes thanks to the modulation of the LED light of the smartphone's flash. It also includes an app for iOS and Android and a receiver that makes it possible to decode the data for the identification of users, the validation of codes or the control of access history.


LightDim is the next revolution of LED Lighting Market, offering a more efficient, reliable and smart solution, creating new communication interfaces between citizens and machines.


LightNosis is a M2M communication solution for non-intrusive maintenance of any vehicle, which allows an online connection of the vehicle with their maintenance responsible.

Optical wireless interfaces

Aviation industry can result largely benefited by the incorporation of wireless avionics capabilities, mainly due to the dramatic weight reduction associated to the removal of electrical wires.


More than a half of LED Luminaries failures are related to LED drivers, therefore it can be determined that this device is a critical element in LED luminary´s design.

VLC Mobile Apps

It has always been said that in the future people will just need one thing before leaving their homes, their mobiles. We pretend to offer that solution that everybody is looking for with VLC technology.

Lightbee. Visible Light Communication