LightKey Smart Lock

What would happen if the LED light could be used as an interface for data transmission? It’s exactly what VLC technology allows: wireless optical interfaces. LightKey is responsible for transmitting wireless optical codes thanks to the modulation of the LED light of the smartphone’s flash. It also includes an app for iOS and Android and a receiver that makes it possible to decode the data for the identification of users, the validation of codes or the control of access history.


Operating mode:

From the server it is possible to control each lock, having information of each one of them and allowing to add new ones, modify existing ones or eliminate them.

The server menu consists of the following sections:

  1. LightKey logo.
  2. A number of locks registered.
  3. List of locks identified by a name, a location, and a serial number.
  4. Register, Modify or Delete.


Access to tourist complex (hotels and rural accommodation)

LightKey provides an efficient solution to tourist complexes that allows guests to securely access their apartment/room by using their mobile flash through a LightKey app. At the time of reservation of the tourist establishment, the guest receives an invitation to download the app and a password to download the access code, which will only be active during the period of the guest’s stay. Once the previously installed App is activated, the guest can access the interior of their accommodation. In this way, the physical presence of a receptionist is not necessary for the delivery of the key to access the room at the time of arrival of the client.

In addition, LightKey adapts to an existing installation and can be installed in a few simple steps:

  1. An electric lock and LightKey decoder are installed.
  2. Optical receiver.
  3. Ready to use.

LightKey Smart Lock

Access to security racks

  • Security of access to banking data, Big Corporations, etc.
  • VLC optical receiver for access to security racks.
  • Control and History of access to the facilities.

Control of access to vehicles (car sharing/car rental)

LightKey provides an integrated optical link in vehicle sharing platforms.

  • Physical firewall.
  • Low cost and widely implemented technology.
  • Double channel validation.

Discount coupons and loyalty cards.

  • Users Loyalty.
  • Discount coupons.