LightNosis is a M2M communication solution for non-intrusive maintenance of any vehicle, which allows an online connection of the vehicle with their maintenance responsible.

The new diagnostic repair systems for vehicles include all kind of information about the state of their components, storing them in an electronic control unit inside the vehicle. Since these data are available only in the workshop, it is possible that the vehicle service intervals do not detect anomalies in time and serious damage may occur that could have been avoided with more frequent revisions. However, it is impractical to bring the vehicle to the workshop frequently.

LightNosis allows transmitting in a secure way all the information related to the state of any vehicle by means of a VLC application using the LED headlights; each time the user opens his garage door by means of a code sent by means of the LED lights, they also sent information of any incidence in the vehicle, affording a complete evaluation of the reliability of the vehicle and checking the guarantee of each component.