It has always been said that in the future people will just need one thing before leaving their homes, their mobiles. We pretend to offer that solution that everybody is looking for with VLC technology.

Lightkey VLC Mobile solutions, allow to use any mobile device for all kind of purposes, as an identify or access control, publicity or secure payment solution by using flash or screen flickering.
The communication technique to be used is within the paradigms of the so-called VLC (visible light communications) techniques.

It consists on modulating the light signal by transmitting a binary code, which is transmitted at a rate high speed enough to avoid the possibility of being detected by a video camera or by the human eye (it will look like a simple flash of light, not being distinguishable the individual transmitted values).
Our Mobile Solution just need a mobile device and a small optical receiver that can be integrated in a door lock, a car, or a TPV for mobile payments.

Access solutions


All the existing solutions requirements are based on radiofrequencies irradiated around the mobile users, so at least they are vulnerable to be captured by other devices and they can be also affected by frequency inhibitors. With VLC Mobile Apps, the information is only sent by means of the visible light, in a very short distance way to the receiver, the information sent can not be captured by any video device because of the high speed it is sent, the second advantage is that the mobile users don´t need to implement any additional device to be used as a control access or secure payment device, because it can be modulated both the flash light of the camera or the light of the screen mobile.

Car/moto sharing, rent a car solutions

Schedule control solutions (Lightime) 

Compliance with time and attendance control regulations