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LightBee is a young company with a solid background team in Visible Light Communications Technology (VLC). Nowadays, there is a growing number of scenarios -in- house domestic applications, traffic lights, hospitals, hotels, etc.- where illumination devices based on visible LED lamps are used. This interest is not only motivated by economic reasons (as the price of individual lamps is still higher than that of traditional ones, although it is rapidly becoming cheaper and cheaper) but by energetic or environmental considerations. These lamps combine very low power consumption with an extremely long operational life, maintaining during all their operation the same chromaticity without significant changes. LED lamps can be also used as communications emitters without losing their main functionality as illumination sources. This technique (known as Visible Light Communications or VLC) does not only maintain the usual capabilities of wireless optical transceivers (robustness against EM interference, absence of EM compatibility constraints and secure transmissions as radiation is confined by walls) but is also eye-safe (as it uses visible wavelengths). Additionally, as they are used as lamps, the amount of optical emitted power is enough to provide full transmission coverage over a regular size room. So we have a huge amount of low cost COTS (commercial off-the-shelf) optical emitters available that can be used wherever we need to provide illumination and to broadcast data jointly.


Gloria Eisman


Dr.Julio F. Rufo

Doctor Engineer

Pedro González

Our Solutions

LightKey Smart Lock

What would happen if the LED light could be used as an interface for data transmission? It's exactly what VLC technology allows: wireless optical interfaces. LightKey is responsible for transmitting wireless optical codes thanks to the modulation of the LED light of the smartphone's flash. It also includes an app for iOS and Android and a receiver that makes it possible to decode the data for the identification of users, the validation of codes or the control of access history.


LightDim is the next revolution of LED Lighting Market, offering a more efficient, reliable and smart solution, creating new communication interfaces between citizens and machines.


LightNosis is a M2M communication solution for non-intrusive maintenance of any vehicle, which allows an online connection of the vehicle with their maintenance responsible.

Optical wireless interfaces

Aviation industry can result largely benefited by the incorporation of wireless avionics capabilities, mainly due to the dramatic weight reduction associated to the removal of electrical wires.


More than a half of LED Luminaries failures are related to LED drivers, therefore it can be determined that this device is a critical element in LED luminary´s design.

VLC Mobile Apps

It has always been said that in the future people will just need one thing before leaving their homes, their mobiles. We pretend to offer that solution that everybody is looking for with VLC technology.

Latest News

Mobile World Congress 2018

Lightbee will be at the Mobile World Congress 2018 to be celebrated in Barcelona from February 26 to March 1, 2018.

Imagine Mobility Meetings

Paris Region Smart Mobility TechMeetings

Paris Region Entreprises organized Smart Mobility TechMeetings. Here, Gloria Eisman presented LightBee, integration of VLC technology with V2X applications, taking advantage of the properties of optical links in radiofrequency technologies; immunity, Data Security & reliability.