We are a company with an experienced team in Visible Light Communication Technology (VLC), having brought the best researchers of LED and photonic technology together over the years, in order to improve and develop VLC technology apps. Our team is multidisciplinary and has an excellent reputation in the LED sector. As one of the leading companies in this area, we have experience in wireless optic communication, coding schemes, VLC and RF apps, sensor networks and business management.

We have developed an entire ecosystemusing our own technology, which is already fully integrated into the market as one of the first access, identification and validation systems using Visible Light Communication.


BEESIBLE is the first developer- oriented market solution based on LEDlight modulation of the vast majority of mobile devices, via an SDK. Hence, we are able to offer a vast array of user validation/identificationapps on smartphones in a secure, wireless manner, even in offlineareas such as underground car parks or in very crowded places like bigevents, by establishing unique links between each device and thedecoder unit. These would be integrated into PC readers, smart locks orsmall mobile units used for capacity control, admission to events, etc...The decoder is connected and managed via API to the Server, located inthe Cloud, and allows online management of as many users as desired.

Our team are pioneers, who inspired by VLC offer you global solutions. The founders ofthe company have over 20 years ́ experience and they stand out for their vision ofinternational B2B relationships and product strategies, having developed manyrelationships over all these years of dedication to Lightbee. We have proved our worththrough our developments in R+D (research and development) technology, havingactively taken part in industrial developmentprojects as well as R+D on aninternational level, which has allowed us to greatly expand our knowledge, therebyincreasingLightbee ́s innovative growth. Our experience is based on a combination oftechnical and business knowledge, with a long history of enabling companies to growthrough the innovation of products and processes