VLC a look into the future

LED Technology has strongly irrupted in Lighting and Signage Market, offering substantial energy savings and new solutions for sustainable urban environments, but this integration has not been entirely successful yet, with problems related to overheating in LED bulbs, cost, durability and luminous flux regulation.




VLCs are an emerging field of optical communications (photonics) defined by the European Commission as one of the six key enabling technologies in the future, which focuses on the part of the electromagnetic spectrum that is visible to the human eye. The use of the visible spectrum has gained interest due to its high availability and the ease at which it can be modulated using LEDs. Recent demand factors as a result of the burgeoning mobile phone industry and the rapid evolution of LED-based lighting are also driving this interest. VLC is a disruptive technology in its application in the field of secure data transmission, in addition to being closely linked to the protection of the environment and, above all, to the health of human being.




LightBee integrates VLC technology being pioneers in the market:

We have developed an entire ecosystem using our own technology, which is already fully integrated into the market as one of the first access, identification and validation systems using Visible Light Communication.

Lightbee is a data provider which is able to implement visible light communication (VLC) solutions on any LED device, such as on lighting, mobile screens or car headlights, and we are able to offer tailor-made solutions, adapting to the needs of other companies. Would you like to talk?