Project reference:  18-1006 IMASE


The aim of this projectentitled is innovating a technological solution for industrial locks. The innovation will be based on the visible light communication (VLC) technology, one of the sophisticated ocular wireless contact technologies inculcates light in the visible spectrum (375nm to 780nm) as a means for data transference. The two partners in the project, MESAN and Lightbee, are establishing synergies with regards to their related previous work, internationally recognized novelty and prototyped ideas whose patenting is in progress. The innovation is in applying VLC to industrial locks. Mobile access is becoming commonplace: the user gets access to a facility by sending a request to an electronic lock. The lock recognizes the request, verifies the provided access code and opens up.

The R&D tasks that are the focus of the project cover electronics related to the VLC emitter and receiver, as well as a wide range of modules for the industrial lock. Along with the hardware activities there is a limited workload in software development for the VLC.

The IMACE end output has 4 major innovative advantages:

  1. Security: data are sent contained within the light, in a directive way to the receiver.
  2. Immune: not affected by radiofrequencies, not generating anyone.
  3. Cheap: photonics hardware is a low cost technology in front of radiofrequencies technologies.
  4. Ubiquity: any led light source can be modulated for transmitting data.

Major components for collaborative R&D in this joint project:


Information available in the EURIPIDES SAB Strategic Research Agenda (available on